The World's First Funnel with a Built in Water Filter


Filtering Capabilities

Due to the Life Funnel's use of charcoal based activated carbon and a filter membrane, the funnel can filter out anything with a size of .4 microns or bigger. This means the funnel can filter out a majority of bacteria.

Flow Rate

Using just gravity, the Life Funnel has the ability to filter water at a rate of 2 gallons an hour. However, if water has already been boiled or ran through another filter, this can be increased if the user tilts their head below the filter and sucks on the stem.


Light-Weight and Durable

Coming in at only 1 ounce the Life Funnel is extremely light-weight which makes it the perfect filter to be distributed in remote locations. 
Light-weight does not necessarily mean fragile. The Life Funnel is a durable product that does not crack under pressure.

Small and Compact

With a height of only 4.8 inches and a maximum width of just 3 inches, the Life Funnel is great for transporting. This small size makes it great for shipping as it keeps costs low and allows for easier mobilization.

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Easy to Use

The Life Funnel is a simple gravity powered filter that, when has water poured through the top, will run through the filter built into the stem and drip water out the bottom into any container of your choice.

*Note*- This should be done in addition with other filters or boiling of the water.


Safety and Usage Abilities

The Life Funnel is not intended to be used as the stand-alone water filter a person uses. However, the Life Funnel is intended to be used in addition to another filter or with the boiling of the water. 

To ensure the safety of our users, we recommend users to only use our filters for 4-6 weeks and to use this filter in addition to other water filtering devices.

If possible, filters should be rinsed before using for the clearest coloring. 

*Note* - This if for the safety of our users.   


How We Help

Around the globe over 844 million people lack access to clean drinking water. The Life Funnel tackles this problem not by selling our funnel to individuals commercially, but by selling our funnels in bulk, to organizations that have the ability to deliver the funnels all across the world. 

If you or your organization has the correct connections to deliver these filters to the ones who need them most, please feel free to reach out to help do your part in making sure someone has clean water to drink. 


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